The 400 richest Americans are now 40% richer than they were last year—worth a collective $4.5 trillion—and those ranks have been bolstered by the addition of 44 new entrants, the highest number of newcomers since 2007. More than twice as many people joined The Forbes American activists demand new "fair" policies, like banning "hate speech," "reasonable gun rules," and "adding balance to the Supreme Court.” Those ideas sound nice, but those very things have already been tried in Venezuela. They failed. ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up Chinese Dissident Habi Zhang shares her thoughts on how wokeness is destroying America. Recent Videos: Daily Wire Exposes Loudoun County Sexual Assault Scandal A Georgia Town Required Everyone to Own a Gun. Here’s What Happened. #China #XiJinping #Woke #DailyWire