Texas Gov. Greg Abbott revealed agenda items for the state legislature's first special session late Monday evening – a list that includes cutting property

Now comes the hard part. If you thought it was hard for President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to marshal a debt ceiling

One of Mayor Eric Adams' (D) migrant hotels in midtown Manhattan has descended into a "free for all" as newly arrived border crossers and

Texas Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt slammed the left for its attempts at presenting the right as “racist” when, he claims, the very opposite is

Google is being taken to task for its Memorial Day doodle which many say is disrespectful to the sacrifices of our veterans. For those

An African American Florida business owner said the NAACP’s travel advisory issued earlier this month warning black people not to come to his state

AUSTIN, Texas — A historic impeachment trial in Texas to determine whether Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton should be permanently removed from office will

House Republicans are working overtime to lock down support among their conference for the debt-limit agreement between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden as