Providence Baptist Church on RSBN - Sunday, March 26, 2023- Join us live for Sunday worship services at Providence Baptist Church in Brand New Episode of Prolife Primetime News! President Biden and The First Lady attend a Gala Dinner hosted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau of Canada. Ottawa, Canada The White House Business Professor at Columbia University, Sheena Iynegar sits down with Diane Brady on "Forbes Talks" to discuss her book "Think Bigger: How To Innovate." Subscribe Joanne Lipman, the author of "Next!: The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work," sits down with Diane Brady on "Forbes Talks" to discuss A 17-year-old on probation for illegally possessing a firearm and a "large capacity" magazine shot two staffers at Denver's East High School on Wednesday; Riding Shotgun with Charlie host Charlie Cook joins Cam to talk about his popular show and podcast (including an upcoming episode filmed in and Join DailyWire+ and watch all What We Saw and all of our ad-free content NOW: Shop Daily Wire merch here: #coldwar #coldwarhistory #