Biden says he will allow the country to get back to normal when 97-98% of Americans are vaccinated. Yet, he's allowing migrants to enter Fox News' Chris Wallace made a stunning recommendation on Fox News Sunday. While interviewing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Wallace pushed Former undercover agent Tim Ballard spent his career finding and taking down child sex traffickers. Now, he is exposing how the border crisis hurts Bob Bretall has read every single one of his over 129,000 comic books. He currently has the largest collection of unique comic books in The White House The White House Detroit's new police chief says there are "too many guns on the streets," but with many residents choosing to obtain their concealed carry licenses, Chieh Huang shares advice for entrepreneurs on knowing whether to pursue their startup ideas and how to overcome outside skepticism along the way. Huang "Joe Biden and his team were more focused on their culture war than they were on protecting Americans." Like Townhall on Facebook: Follow Townhall Media